Welcome to Healthy Lifestyle! 19 juni 2017


This is my first blog post on Lyx.se and it feels both exciting and inspirational to have this platform, and hopefully build an audienc, to share my insights, recommendations, thoughts and ideas on living a healthy lifestyle – 360′ degrees as in body, mind and soul.

I was born in Sweden but brought up in London and lived most of my life in London. And eventhough I speak and write Swedish fluently,  I have made the choice to write my blog articles in english. The reason for this is that I find the english language to be more versatile and flowing for me to write in, along with the fact that I will be writing about travels, retreats, accomodations and experiences that will many times will be around the world and also I have readers who are english speaking. So I hope you are all up for blog posts in english 🙂 However, you are of course welcome to send comments in swedish, should this be of preference.

My ambition with this blog is to be a source of inspiration. It is not my intention to portray or dive into my own every day life, or share all moments of my personal life.. My blog is more about portraying all the beauties, wonders, experiences and adventures out there in the world, along with personal reflections, that hopefully can inspire you in your every life.

I am also a visual person and look to share and explore with pictures as opposed to text based only. And video will also be a part of it.

Some of my main passions in life is travel, story telling, yoga, health, adventure, film, neuroscience to Space. In addition to this I am always curious to learn about and from global role models who endorse social impact with thoughts, ideas and actions for making the world a better and more sustainable place.

Dancing and singing + yoga & meditation- are my keys to finding balance, happiness, focus and joie de vivre in life.

You will gradually get to know more about me in sync with the progression of this blog.

And I would of course love to know more about YOU! About all the amazing and interesting readers that I (hopefully!), will attract along the way with my blog.

So let’s take off! Welcome to my interpretation of life!





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