USA – 6 week tour 20 mars 2019

Next week I am heading to the USA for a 6 week ’tour’ as I will be standing on stage, on camera and shooting a pilot for my global interview series. This year is about leveraging my career on a global scale and it starts with NYC – LA – Washington – Silicon Valley (Singularity University).

My first event on stage is for the Women in IT summit, where I am the host of the summit and will also be hosting two panel sessions on Cyber security and Mentorship/Leadership. Really looking forward to this!

Bildresultat för women in IT awards NYC 2019

After NYC I head to LA where I will be attending the Human Gathering, really looking forward to this experience. I’ll be in LA for 3,5 weeks for business, shooting the pilot, experiencing latest trends in hotels, spas and healthy lifestyle.
Bildresultat för la  malibu

After this I head to Washington, where I will be attending the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards Gala, (I am on the Leadership Council of Vital Voices Europe).

Actress Kate Bosworth and Designer Diane von Furstenberg @ last year’s Vital Voices Global Leadership Gala 2018

And beginning of May I am off to Singularity University, Silicon Valley for a one week Executive Leadership course.
Bildresultat för singularity university

I will be keeping you all updated on my journey and USA tour and it will culminate with an article, featuring all my tips, experiences, trends, interviews, hot spots, healthy places etc.

USA – see you soon!

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