Check out ’Hello World’ – Best Tech Innovations 7 augusti 2017

Ever heard about or watched the Bloomberg series: Hello World? (broadcast on Bloomberg)

I just stumbled across it on my Apple TV yesterday. Interesting, short, digestable episodes on best and innovative tech creations around the world. Great concept! (at least for me and my curious mind).

Hello World invites the viewer along on a journey, together with the show’s host Ashlee Vance, who travel the globe to find the inventors, scientists and technologists who are shaping our future.

Each episode explores a different country and uncovers the ways in which the local culture and surroundings have influenced their approach to technology. Host Ashlee himself, says he’s on a quest to find the freshest, weirdest tech creations and the beautiful freaks behind them.

I have been fascinated by Space since the age of 5. At this age I dreamt of becoming an astronaut, after having read the book ’The Little Prince’. If you haven’t read this book, then do! I reread it on the plane to Luxembourg a few weeks ago, as I was co-hosting the live broadcast of Asteroid Day, and I both laughed and cried when I read the book on the plane. It is such a sweet, charming anecdote and tale about seeing the world out of a child’s curious, spontaneous and inquisitive eyes.

Bildresultat för the little prince

The reason I mention this is that one of the episodes of Hello World is on Alma – the largest astronomical project in the world.


Atacama desert in Chile is said to be the driest place in the world and turns out to be the perfect place to build a telescope. However this is not the home of just any telescope, it’s the home of Alma, the largest astronomical project in the world.

Due to the high altitude and lack of moisture in the air the view of the stars here is practically unobstructed, to the delight of astronomers.

Alma can see in the cosmos what the human eye or telescopes can’t see. Alma can see the mm range of the electromagnetic spectrum, far beyond the visible range seen by any optical telescopes or the human eye.

With this superhuman vision, Alma can discover all kinds of magical stuff in the universe that would have been invisible before.  It can see the cosmos in more detail than ever before, detect how stars and planets are formed, detect molecules, learn where our stars and planets are from, what’s inside the moon, the chemistry of life etc..

Astronomers are using Alma to look for the origin of stars, life and the universe itself.

And will soon be able to answer the question… if were alone out in the universe or not….

Check out this and other episodes on Hello World.

I love learning new things, acquiring new knowledge, learning about innovations and listening to brilliant minds. Don’t you? Always stay being curious!

As Albert Einstein once said: ’Creativity is intelligence having fun’