Check this out – the ultimate workout – Megaformer. 21 juni 2017

Hope you all are enjoying this day that is dedicated to the celebrating the International Yoga Day.

I started this morning with my yoga practice and meditation on Gratitude and I will round off this day with a calming and harmonizing yoga session before I go to bed tonight. If you want to check out some good yoga videos online, then one I can recommend is: Yoga with Adriene. She has a lovely variety of yoga guided videos for all aspects of our daily lives.

I also did some fitness training today after my last work meeting of the day. It’s my second time to try this. Have you heard of Megaformer workout? That’s the one I tried.

Megaformer is one of the latest trends, that was really hot a while back in LA and NY. It’s a machine based workout focusing on cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility at once. And the focus is a lot on the butt, which brings a smile to my face. You can never do too much ’ass’ enhancing workouts ;).

The machine reminds of the Pilates Refomer, in case you’ve tried this but still not the same. contains of a carriage that slides back and forth along two rails and is attached to a row of springs, that are varied depending on the amount of resistance that you want.

It was created by Sebastien Lagree, the French-born fitness visionary who created the machine and soon became a big buzz in LA and then travelled around the world. I took the classes at Be.Core in Stockholm.

A Megaformer – this is your workout partner

Megaformer training in action

It’s an intense 50 minutes on the machine. Initially I thought it would be quite easy, with every moment focusing on more a slow movement than quick. But I realised that the emotions during a work out can range from confidence (“I’ve got this!”), to confusion (“Eh, wait a minute…that pose looks easy but hey this is actually hard”) to frustration (“Why are you failing me, abs?” Come on! It’s only like 20 seconds left)  to relief and slight astonishment when the workout is actually over.. But with a sense of wanting to do it again.

”Just think with the Megaformer you are one step of the way closer to firming that body!”

Of what I understand Lagree is busy working on a new prototype of the next generation of the Megaformer, which is to get a whole lot more high-tech. I look forward to this combination where technology enables an ultimate megaformer workout.

In the meantime I am sticking to this version, until the updated one comes to Sweden or London. The teacher said that one should notice a difference, and apparent stronger core strength, after 6 sessions. It’s my second today and before the holiday on 10th July, I’m going to have done the 6 sessions, to see if the promise stands. (and I am travelling most of the time until the 10th July, which is the main challenge to getting the 6 sessions in).

Time for bedtime and a winding down 10 minute yoga on my mat and with a candle beside it.

Sleep well, beautiful bloggy friends!