Inhale – Exhale – Feel Gratitude – Repeat. Small gestures – big impact 20 juni 2017

Are you passionate about yoga? Do you meditate? Start your morning with some breathing exercises or pranayama? Do you take 5 minutes to do de-stressing mindfulness practice (there are such a great variety of apps to choose from) when you feel some tension or stress creeping up on you at work?

Yoga for me is a lifestyle. That doesn’t mean that I do 2hrs of yoga and meditation every day. I wish. I have the intention but I don’t always have or make the time. However, I do prioritize to get some yoga, meditation or breathing exercises into my daily regime. Not because I have to but because I want to.

It makes a difference. And it’s the best gift I can give my body, mind and soul. Best remedy for stress, aniexty, worries etc. Quickest way to re-connect with myself and center myself. And for me this is important.

If you are open to include yoga in your life, you can always start by adding a few minutes to your daily routine, in the morning or evening, by just following a guided yoga session online. With that you can always manage to get some minutes into your day. And if you also include going to a yoga studio, to your training, fitness or Power walk or run – then even better!

There are lots of great yoga videos online, and you can also check out this website YOGOBE, (founded by a friend of mine) where you can find great videos from some of the best yoga teachers and practitioners around.

If there is one recommendation I would make. It would be:BREATH.

Your breath is your life elixir.

Honestly, just take a few seconds, to reconnect, recharge or take down your stress levels by just focusing 60 seconds on your breath. 60 seconds of connecting with YOUrself. Focus on your inhale and then focus on your exhale (try to make your exhale slightly longer than your inhale).
When you remind yourself about your breath is when you remind your body and mind that you are connected and in the present. And it’s a little gesture that rewards you so much. Cause without your breath, you cease to exist so take the time to acknowledge your breath. Inhale – Exhale – Feel gratitude – Repeat. Every day.

And never forget: You are UNIQUE. You are AWESOME. You are PLAYFUL. You are friggin FABULICIOUS – just the way YOU are!
The race isn’t with others or anybody else. Stop comparing yourself to others, or at least try to do this less by realizing if and when you do this, and let it go.

Remember one important fact that can never be changed, diminished or taken away from you:

There is only ONE YOU
– make sure to acknowledge this miracle every day.

If you can give a compliment to yourself, show appreciation for yourself, wrap your arms around yourself and say ’I am enough and I am worthy’ once in a while – then trust me, you will be able to receive the same appreciation, love and complimants from others too.

It all starts with YOU!