Yay! It’s Yoga Retreat Time On Ibiza 7 augusti 2017

Hello lovelies,
hope you’ve all been enjoying beautiful summer holidays. I just came back from 2,5 weeks on my favourite island: Ibiza. It’s my haven, my paradise and where I recharge my energy, retrive my balance and harmony and reconnect with my zen.
Free spirit, goddess, femininity, sensual, connected body and mind, chilled and happy – that’s me and Ibiza.
As I mentioned in my previous post, for me Ibiza is a magical, energetic, serene and beautiful place where I feel at home. Where I blossom into my free spirit and goddess nature. Yay!

Ibiza has a very special energy, that either invites you or challenges you. For me I felt this energy, – a magnetic, powerful and spiritual energy – that resonated with me the moment I placed my feet on the island.
I feel at home when I am on Ibiza and every time I leave, it’s always with an intention to be back soon again.

For me Ibiza is beauty, health, nature, ocean, versatility, beauty, chill, yoga, fun and play – all in one wrapping. Ibiza has so many sides, and versatility. From the beaches, music, yoga, party, people to cuisine.
The island has been labelled with an unflattering image of just being a hard core party island but it has so much more dimensions than this. On Ibiza you can explore and find hidden gems every time, or just relocate to your favourite spots every time.

As a yoga practitioner and a keen indulger of healthy living, organic local foods, tasty cuisine, beautiful locations, the choice of serene or party beaches, hanging out with chilled n cool people, transformational massage treatments, energetic healing, vibrant music and feeling the flow – I encounter all this on Ibiza.
I love the chilled, laid back and sensual lifestyle the island offers.

And I have several wonderful friends who have relocated to Ibiza part-time to check out from the stress filled lifestyles of  London, New York, Paris ….

This time I, true to tradition, I attended a one week yoga retreat ’Rejuvenate – yoga & holistic fitness retreats’ at Ibiza Retreats, one of my favorite yoga retreats on the Island. Helt in the north part of the island and the lovely Can Amonita.
The week of  includes every day yoga, meditation, HIIT Training, hikes, spacious and lovely rooms for accomodation, afternoon chill by the pool, excursion with the boat to Formentera and a restaurant treat on the last day.



The food at the retreat = totally nutricious, organic, ayur vedic based, is ahhh sooo delicious, tasty, yummy and beautiful to the eye. And after a week your tummy and digestive system is like a child’s again – all clean/alkaline, in sync, light and re-energized and purring with content.

We all ask for the recipies after each retreat.  spacious room and mind blowing treatments

One of the best parts with going to the yoga retreats are the amazing people you meet from all over the world. Every time I have gone to Ibiza Retreats I met interesting, fun, genuine and lovely girls and women (it’s most female participants, eventhough men are of course welcome). This time we were 3 from the US, 2 from UK, 2 from Netherlands, 1 from Switzerland and me. Successful, interesting and curious career women, mothers, models, students and yogis who are all coming to the retreat for some time out, rebalancing, recharging energy, cultivating their yoga, upgrading their health, bonding or just sharing an experience.
After the retreat it is not unlikely that you have a new handful of friends in your life. This time around the group connected really well – we were a really great group of people. After the retreat 4 of us booked an airbnb in Ibiza town so that we could have some weekend fun and play.

After the retreat, I stayed on for 1,5 weeks with some friend’s in their beautiful villa in Cala Bassa. Awesome days hanging out with friends from different parts of the world and enjoying the island and Formentera.

If your interested  to try a yoga retreat on Ibiza then I can warmly recommend Ibiza Retreats. Just to give you a taste with a brief intro:

Photo credit: Ibiza Retreats

 These two wonderful women both come from professional, hectic, successful careers in metropolitan cities. Demanding careers, lifestyle and crashed relationships led them to find inner peace and solice in yoga… that finally led them to Ibiza. Once on Ibiza, they never looked back and have stayed on the island since starting Ibiza Retreats in 2008. Today, both have found how to cultivate that balancing act between career, life, motherhood and relationships.

Larah recently gave birth to her beautiful baby girl and Susie is a few months pregnant. And their mutual baby, Ibiza Retreat, is growing up rapidly and Ibiza Retreats has today transitioned into Ibiza’s No 1 Tailormade Retreats and Wellness Consultancy

#I needed to find the confidence, clarity and self-belief to break-free from the relationship and mental ‘gridlock’ of London living,” Larah explains. “Every cell of my being was aching to retreat. Yet I couldn’t find, at that time, any retreats in Ibiza that offered the whole holistic package of coaching and wellness, yoga and meditation, integrated treatments and therapies, spiritual guidance and consciously created cuisine. I realised that there was a thirst for this, a market niche and a need.”

This creative duo have built up an ecosystem of health, yoga, wellbeing and women empowerment. Practicing what they preach is certainly a fundamental part of Larah and Susie’s lifestyle.

“Ibiza became my place to grow, throw off the mask I had been wearing and align with my true self. Authenticity and honesty are some of the greatest freedoms – and helping people to tap into that has been a humbling journey.” says Susie.

”Our retreats are there to allow our guests to let go and experience the true nature of abundance – wellness. We are connecting world-class teachers and group leaders with the island’s incredible retreat locations, therapists and chefs to facilitate our own inspiring holistic retreats.”


It’s Larah and Suzie’s dedication to teaching and inspiring women around the world to take time from their, many times, hectic, busy city lifestyle, to find (inner) peace, health, balance and life energy during their retreats. The retreats can be transformational, inspirational, empowering, fun or just simply a nice vacation. They offer a more holistic approach for a getaway or vacation.

”With women searching for something more fulfilling in their precious free time, healthy retreats have become the new go-to destinations for weekends or vacays”

I would encourage anyone to take a break and nourish yourself by visiting Ibiza and Ibiza retreats.

”Time to retreat – to rest the mind

and allow your heart to dream”

I hope you feel inspired to pamper yourself to one of Ibiza Retreat’s five or six blissful days of recharging with morning yoga classes, a juice detoxing, fresh organic delicious brunches and dinners cooked by private chefs, wellness consultations, beautiful excursions and personalized body treatments.
And come back home feeling rejuvenated, vibrant, energized, harmonious and in touch and centered with yourself, once again. If you decide to go to Ibiza, let me know!