Happy Midsummer! 23 juni 2017

Today it’s time for one the most traditional of traditions of Sweden: Midsummer Celebrations!

And the sun and sunshine has so far showered this day with it’s light, happiness and joy :). I have come to love and cherish traditions more and more. If we loose our traditions, (old traditions with an attached history and above all a moment that gathers the family), then we loose part of a heritage in a sense. I think of it as a pay it forward mentality. And I am more talking about traditions per say, more out of a family perspective, than religion.

Arrived this morning to our country house and celebrating Midsummer with family and loved ones.

Just finished our Midsummer’s lunch and now it’s time to head for the local ’Midsummers stång’ and dance around it and also pick flowers to make a traditional ’midsommarkrans’.

#harmony #happiness #joy #traditions.