Matcha Latte the best alternative to coffee 22 juni 2017

Good morning!

What does your morning breakfast routing look like? Coffee or tea person?
As I mentioned earlier, I always start my morning with warm water with fresh ginger and some squeezed lemon. That’s the first thing I drink to help cleanse and detox my body after a nights sleep.

To breakfast I either have a coffee with warm, skimmed Oatley milk or I choose to make a matcha Latte.

Every tried matcha?

It is a great and healthy alternative to coffee. And also a great addition to make if you have any stress related symptoms. If you are experiencing stress, aniexty, panic attacks etc, then I highly recommend that you eliminate coffee for a time. Coffee can really add to aniexty and stress, if your body and nervous system are stressed or burnt out. In this case it is a worthwhile alternative to add matcha latte to your life and eliminate coffee for a while.
I talk of own experience, as I got stress symptoms last year and one of things I instantly noticed had a negative impact was coffee. My heart would race and I would feel the sense of aniexty grow in my body. So I switched to matcha latte for about 6 months, and it proved to be a good choice during this time.

Matcha latte is also a rich source of antioxidants.

Easy to prepare:

Boil water. Let it cool slightly (they say matcha shouldn’t be put straight into boiling water as it can lessen the effects of the antioxidants). Poor one small teaspoon of matcha into the warm water, add some skimmed hot milk of preferred choice (I prefer Oatley I-Coffee milk or almond milk). Sprinkle some cinnemon on the top. Yummy.

Voilà! Enjoy.

Have a great day!